PHBCW 20th Edition: Humayun Alamgir, Munib Nawaz, Rizwan Beyg, Others Tops Our List Of The Best Runway Collection      

Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week (PHBCW), celebrated its 20th edition in December 2022. The fashion week aims to promote Pakistan’s bridal fashion industry and provide a platform for established designers as well as newcomers to the industry. The show was started by HUM Network Ltd and Pantene and is consecutively taking place since 2010. This year was no different as the designers showcased the latest trends and designs in bridal couture. Without a doubt, PHBCW is the ultimate choice for Pakistan’s top and burgeoning designers, couture lovers, influential individuals, buyers, celebrities and socialites.

So, as we sit to unravel the trends for the next season, here’s looking at our some of the best looks (day wise) we spotted on the runways. Scroll on!

Day 1

Fahad Hussayn

The one word to describe Hussayn collection is ‘dreamy’. With an array of unique versions of intricate detailing on heavily embellished wedding wears and signature style classic wedding essentials, ‘Ghar Gharasti and Gehnay’ finds its ground in the couture market. Fahad delighted us by using colors that are not commonly used in bridal couture. From the orange, and blues to black, what stood out in the collection was the balanced use of embellishments. The line-up was more of an innovation theme that revamps the customary definition of Ghar, Gharasti and Gehnay through various performing art forms. Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari made the perfect couple on the ram too. The performance by Wahab Shah Dance Company was another big highlight.

Deepak & Fahad

Known for their knack for experimental and innovative approaches, the duo has a very distinct aesthetic that is not everyone’s cup of tea. While opulent silhouettes adorned with hand embroidery, pure raw silk and digital printing, ‘Jashn-e-Zindagi’ was a tribute to the brand’s journey, struggles, challenges and achievements. The color palate truly represented today’s versatile groom. Trendy, and aesthetic with modern cuts, the collection had something for everyone.

Munib Nawaz

Just when you think Munib has done his best he comes out with a collection that surpasses his previous work. Carrying on with the art form his new collection ‘Untitled‘, refines itself even more. One of the most original collections of the night, Untitled was a tribute to everything incomplete, not done yet perfect at the same time. It evoked a certain kind of classicism that met modernism glamour, where print met textures and structure met volume. From lighter accents to detailed design, there are no words to explain true masculinity. The designer played to its strengths and displayed master craftsmanship along with notions like “Untitled is the only way to define the undefined”. Each piece can be styled differently and worn in many different ways, and that’s what we truly loved.

Day 2

Maha Wajahat

The designer’s collection featured quintessential wedding wear with an appealing palette. From incredibly detailed work with a blend of classical and traditional motives over contemporary silhouettes ‘Ranjhnaa’ artistically explored all the colors of culture and heritage. Celebrity showstoppers Aiman Khan and Affan Waheed made notable appearances.

Naila’s Haute Couture

‘Hoor-e-Jahan’ came floating out with dream-like hues and sophisticated silhouettes. The collection documents the journey of design through intricate embellishment and an eye for detail. The outfits were fresh and flattering. The color palette added sheen to the collection. So did the fitting. Naila’s Haute Couture will sparkle through the festivities of the season. The bewitching beauty Nimra Khan walked as the showstopper.

Umsha by Uzama Baber

Umsha by Uzama Baber added another classic in BCW collections with ‘Dilkash’. Having roots in Arabic origin, we were smitten by the captivating ensembles having richly crafted silhouettes, the vivid colours stood out in all their glory on the runway. Every outfit had elements of heavy sequins, handwoven and kundan zari, and detail pearl embellishments. ‘Dilkash’ truly represented the old world charm and resemble portraits straight from the modern era.

Day 3

Shamsha Hashwani

Hashwani’s ‘Jaan-e-Adaa’ started off with strong wedding ensembles focusing on the importance that enables one to wear it time and again. The timeless pieces saw intricate embroideries on a mix of colors, setting the right mood for upcoming winter weddings. From deep green to light peach, the designs, are innovative and crafted to perfection in the true style of Shamsha Hashwani. Former supermodel Sadaf Kanwal and hubby Shehroz Sabzwari added grandeur as showstoppers. ‘Jaan-e-Adaa’ definitely had us wanting more.

Humayun Alamgir

‘The Red Carpet Line’ was a collection like no other Humayun Alamgir collection. Here, the designer reinterpreted fashion from the golden era and his love for bold high-end tuxedos inspired by the transition of time. There were some exciting modern cuts with different velvets and embossed fabrics. The intricate handwork and choice of daring colors embodied elegance to perfection. The evolution of the brand is definitely exciting and we want to see where the designer goes next. The outfit worn by Comedian Tabish Hashmi was our favorite The icing on the cake was the new singing sensation Kaifi Khalil’s performance.

Rizwan Beyg

This designer just keeps getting stronger and stronger with a very distinct aesthetic that has refined itself with each passing collection. Beyg is basking in the glory of the prestigious Tamgah-e-Imtiaz for his services to rural development and female empowerment. Taking a step forward, this year was truly special as his collection ‘Jashn‘ was entirely designed by amazing rural women using various mediums techniques and styles of embroidery. The collection was very structured and was mostly a colorful realm of old-school charm for those who want to make a real statement this wedding season. With the brand’s signature ensembles, intricate handwork, and very trendy embellishments, ‘Jashn’  wasn’t only a celebration of the artisans but also a shining star in Rizwan Beyg’s portfolio. We liked the outfit worn by show stopper Sana Javed,  the combinations of beautiful pastels uplifted the artistic ambiance.

Which collection inspired you the most? Let us know in the comment box.

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