Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss ‘Yaara Vey’ On December 2

Yaara Vey

We have been waiting for this moment and this Friday our wait will finally be over. Feature film Yaara Vey, is expected to bring back audience to cinemas who are craving to watch an entertaining rom-com. Going by the trailer, the premise of Yaara Vey is full of emotions and touches the hearts. The advanced booking of this Sami Khan, Aleeze Nasser and Faizan Khawaja starrer has begun and here’s why you should consider getting in line.

1.  The Charming Yet Headstrong Alezee Nasser

Alezee, who also plays the charming and bubbly Sania has rather stunned us with her on-screen presence in the trailers. Expect her to hold the screen on her own and even take the spotlight away from the leading men.

2.  The Fresh Pairing

It’s good to see filmmakers experimenting by casting new actors and pairings to deliver a good film. It’s for the first time that Sami, Faizan and Alezze will be sharing the screen space. The love triangle looks super cute together and is gaining a lot of attention already.

3. The Whistle Worthy Music

When the songs of a film are named such as Ishq Tamasha and Kuri Patakha, they are bound to become popular. The tracks of the Yaara Vey have already been declared chart-busters. Now when these songs come in the course of the movie, you can expect the audience to go crazy.

4. Breathtaking Locales

Director Manish Pawar has opted for some breathtaking locations of Georgia, Thailand and Dubai. It is quite evident from the trailer which ensures to take you on an exhilarating journey across some stunning locations in the world.

5.  Paisa Vasool Entertainer

With just two days to go, the excitement amongst fans to watch Yaara Vey is soaring high. When a film has such cinematic potential, the result will surely be entertaining for the audience. If this cocktail of masala entertainment doesn’t make your money’s worth, few things ever will.

Summing It Up

Yaara Vey is produced by Beeline productions, the story, screenplay, and dialogues are done by Althea Delmas Kaushal and Mahwash Ajaz. The supporting cast of the film also includes Jawed Shaikh, Marina Khan, Ali Sikander, Asad Raza Khan and Poonam Vichare Moorthy.

We are excited to watch Yaara Vey on December 2nd, 2022. Are you?

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