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Fashion Times News Roundup

Fashion Times Magazine brings you an update on the stories trending on the internet.

Mariyam Nafees Gives Befitting Reply To Trolls Questioning Her Activism

Mariyam Nafees addressed the backlash after she attended and hosted the red carpet at Lux Style Awards 2022. The Dayar Dil actor defended herself, saying that she had no contact with the abuser and she was just doing her job. She shared a note on Instagram that read, “Will continue to fight the good fight” and turned off the comments. In it, she posed a series of questions for fans, “I refuse to let my activism be called into question because did you see me interview and abuser or harasser? Did you see me in the same frame as them? Did you see me cheer for them?” she asked. “I did not and do not endorse any of the things I’m being accused of. My stance does not and will not change. I was there to do my job!”

 Vasay Chaudhry Strongly Disagrees With Public Voting For Award Shows

The recently appointed vice chairman of the Punjab film Censor Board, Vasay Chaudhry termed the public voting system for award shows a ‘stupid concept’. In a recent interview with director Rafay Rashdi, Chaudhry was asked about the jury system for Pakistani award shows and how a neutral approach is taken for big award events. The JPNA actor, Chaudhry said, “I’ve been nominated a couple of times and five years ago I was part of a jury for two years. The time I’m talking about is before social media and I’ve been clear about one thing that is this that there’s no such thing as public voting. It’s the biggest black-hole you can jump into, there’s no such thing as public voting because only jury can decide,” he said.

Ben Stokes Donates His Match Fees To Flood Victims In Pakistan

The England team has arrived in Pakistan after 17 years for their Test series. Ahead of the historic series captain, Ben Stokes has announced that he will be donating his match fees in the flood relief fund of Pakistan. His post read. “To be here after 17 years as a Test side is very exciting. There is a sense of responsibility amongst the playing and support group, and to be here is special,” he wrote. “The game has given me a lot in my life and I feel it’s only right to give something back that goes beyond cricket.” He concluded by hoping the donation goes towards rebuilding the flood-affected areas.

“I wasn’t comfortable working with him, so I said no” Iqra Aziz on working with Feroze Khan

Iqra Aziz was all set to star in Wajahat Rauf’s next directorial titled ‘Sanwal Yar Piya’. The show had Feroze Khan as the lead, but post the actor’s accusations of domestic violence by his wife Aliza Sultan, Iqra has turned down the project. The Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actress made an appearance on The Talk Talk Show and talked about her retraction. “For me, it was a very personal decision. I did what I thought was right for me and [it was] what I wanted to do, what according to me was the right choice. I took a decision — I wasn’t comfortable working with him, so I said no. I wasn’t waiting for anything to be proved to take action because, before that, there was a period in which we had to work together and I wasn’t comfortable so I said no,” she said.

Designer Maheen Khan Stands With Victims Of Abuse, Returns Her LSA Trophys

Recently Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy announced that she will be returning her award to show support to the victims of domestic violence. Now fashion giant Maheen Khan has joined Obaid to do the same. Posting a note on Instagram calling out the awards for not being a platform that “nurture[s] justice”.

Osman Khalid Butt Responds To People Calling Him Out For ‘Celebrating and Cheering Abusers”

Osman is one actor who is vocal with his stance when it comes to women’s empowerment. The actor was under the radar of criticism while performing at the LSAs that rewarded an alleged abuser. OB shared a long note on Twitter in response, explaining what happened. “My only reservation — which I made clear before agreeing — was that I could not attend, let alone perform at the ceremony if Feroze [Khan] was present there (which has absolutely nothing to do with his acting prowess, and everything to do with the very serious allegations levied by his ex-wife), and I was assured that he would not. That commitment was honored,” he wrote.

Bushra Ansari’s Mother Passes Away

 Senior actor Bushra Ansari’s mother, Mehmooda Bashir Khanum passed away on Tuesday. The actor shared the news of her mother’s demise in a heartfelt post on Instagram. “My beautiful mother Mehmooda Khanam just left us. She went through a long miserable time in bed. Now, she will meet my beloved sister Sumbul. Goodbye, my dear mother,” penned Ansari.

Fashion Times News Roundup

T-Series Murders Yet Another Pakistani Classic ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’

Pakistanis are angry over Ayushmann Khurrana and Malaika Arora’s new film that recycles and remixes Nazia Hasan’s epic disco hit Aap Jaisa Koi from the 1980s. Pakistani fans on the internet are unimpressed with yet another Bollywood remix of a classic hit song. The video, which features Khurrana and Malaika Arora dancing to the disco beats of Nazia Hassan’s 1980 hit song, which was written for Zeenat Aman’s movie Qurbani.

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