“I Wanted A Cute Yet Deceiving Face For Mango Jutt”: Abu Aleeha On Teaming Up With Faysal Quraishi!

Abu Aleeha

His approach to filmmaking is unique. Over the years, he has entertained audiences with a variety of films with diverse genres. One of the most efficient directors in the business today, Abu Aleeha prefers being steady in his way of working and is prone to wrap up films within time. After making a splash with back-to-back hits, Aleeha has announced his next film ‘Mango Jutt’ starring Faysal Quraishi in the lead. So, we at Fashion Times Magazine sent him a message for details.

“Films targeting children and teenagers are seldom made in Pakistan, so keeping this in mind, the idea of Mango Jutt is to make a complete family Punjabi entertainer,” Aleeha told Fashion Times Magazine.

Speaking about the plot he said, “The story revolves around a young widow who is mother to three children of different age groups. Their life and property are at stake as some people continue to be a threat to them. Mango Jutt is an undercover police officer who walks into their house as a servant to solve their problems. At times, Mango Jutt becomes a victim of the children mischiefs, but manages to protect them.”

Elaborating on the above, he added, “Films made on Jutts have a history of being violent, we wanted to make an action comedy that would constantly make the audience smile. Moreover, we plan to bring well- choreographed action sequences on the screen along with grand songs.”

Abu Aleeha narrated the idea to Faysal Quraishi and he instantly loved it. “I wanted a cute yet deceiving face for the part so that people won’t realize how dangerous he can be. We all have seen him in ‘Boota from Toba Tek Singh’, Faysal’s Punjabi accent and comic timing are spot on. The film will also feature big names from Punjab theatre so matching up their timing required an actor of huge caliber. Faysal in every respect was a readymade Mango Jutt, the most suitable choice for the role.”

When asked about the female lead of Mango Jutt, he said, “We are in talks with a couple of A-list actors. We need someone who can speak fluent Punjabi. We will make an official announcement soon.”

Aleeha eyes the festive season to release the film, “We are arriving on Eid-ul-Fitr, a time when films of various genres compete simultaneously. Mango Jutt is specifically designed for kids, in fact, a kid of 5 years to people up to 60 years, every section of the audience will enjoy this paisa vasool entertainer.”

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