Saboor Aly’s Wedding Dress Uproar: Have Designers Abandoned Human Emotions?

Saboor Aly

Actor Saboor Aly recently had a nightmare when she saw her real-life bridal ensemble being blatantly copied in the ongoing drama serial ‘Mannat Murad’. Adding more to the horror was the striking resemblance of the jewelry and the overall look.

The Uproar

Saboor took to social media and expressed her disappointment. Her vision, memories, and sentiments were attached to this look. She questioned that how should she react and feel about this? For the unversed Aly’s wedding ensemble was designed by Faiza Saqlain, and paid a heartfelt tribute to her departed mother and strikingly mirrored the attire her mother adorned on her wedding day.

The Designer Intervenes

Designer Faiza Saqlain was quick to address the uproar. She made it clear that the outfit is completely an FS bridal and they have all the rights to sell it and/or give it for further collaborations.

Is Faiza Saqlain Struggling With Fresh Ideas?

Saqlian’s statement on the controversy is a testimony that she prefers commercialism and doesn’t have any regard for human emotion. Has Saqlain gone out of stock or short of fresh ideas? Wasn’t there any other outfit that she could give for commercial collaborations? Writing paragraphs on Instagram and hurting sentiments is certainly something not in good taste.

Makers Maintain Silence

Surprisingly the lead actress of ‘Mannat Murad’ Iqra Aziz has so far maintained silence. Neither the writer nor the director are vocal about it on social media. Surprisingly, the entire wedding sequence was shot at the same venue where Saboor’s wedding took place. How can so many things just be a coincidence?

Summing It Up

Analyzing all the developments, we feel that designers today have certainly abandoned human emotions. It’s all about minting money just at the cost of priceless, precious human emotions.

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