Fashion Times (Exclusive): Ghana Ali’s Comeback Drama Revolves Around Daily Life Problems, Jealousies And Egos!

Ghana Ali

Best known for projects like Besharam, Rangreza and Maan Jao Na, actor Ghana took a break from acting post-marriage. She was busy being a helicopter mom of sorts to Faija and Elijah. After a brief hiatus of two years, Ghana’s passion for her craft has brought her back into the game. She is all set to make a comeback with Momina Duraid’s ‘Kahain Kis Se’.

“The plot revolves around daily life problems, jealousies and egos. It isn’t too different than what we regularly see on television these days. I am hoping that people will like my work as I have worked quite hard on it,” the actor exclusively told Fashion Times Magazine.

When asked about what made her say yes to her character, she said, “Honestly nothing. I play the negative lead. I have done such roles earlier in my career. I feel that people have the knack and tendency to register negative characters quickly as compared to positive ones. Having said that, this one is a bit louder than my usual projects.”

Elaborating on the same, she said, ‘Kahain Kis Se’ is kind of a shortcut to bounce back with a negative character. I missed being in front of the camera. I feel I have more to achieve and my talent still hasn’t been explored to the fullest. So yeah, I am all out to try my luck.”

Concluding the conversation, we asked Ghana about her super skills in managing her personal and professional life. “It’s tough. I do have a guilt of leaving my kids to follow my passion. I am putting my best foot forward to be the best mom.”

‘Kahain Kis Se’ explores the expressions of love in words and actions. The upcoming drama serial is written by Nadia Ahmed and directed by Kamran Akbar Khan. The cast includes Subhan Awan, Washma Fatima, Syed Afraz Rasool, Hareem Sohail, Ali Josh and Yashmeera Shabbir.

‘Kahain Kis Se’ will air from November 14 at 7:00 PM on  HUM TV.

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