“I Prefer Challenging Characters Over Typical”: Hiba Bukhari On Upcoming Drama ‘Jhok Sarkar’

Over the last couple of years, Hiba Bukhari has been making waves with her on-screen performances. From Ramz-e-Ishq, Deewangi to Fitoor, the actress has won praise for the way she pursued her characters. It feels as if it comes naturally to her.

After her much-praised role in Mere Humnahseen, actress Bukhari will be seen as a “nice, shy and sorted village girl” in upcoming drama serial Jhok Sarkar. The play is directed by Saife Hasan and written by Hashim Nadeem. It also stars Farhan Saeed, Maham and Asif Raza Mir. It will air on HUM TV soon.

When asked about what made her say yes to Jhok Sarkar, Hiba said, “The project is very interesting and it’s different from other dramas these days. It is not like a typical story. It has that classic touch, but it’s different. Like how nowadays, there’s saas-bahu or the same love triangle…this [drama] is not like that, it’s very different.”


The Fitoor actor also spoke about her desire to work with Hashim Nadeem. “I always wanted to do his play. I am glad that I am doing this, I am more than glad.” She further mentioned that the project will have some “action and romance”.

Jhok Sarkar is a cop universe where the protagonist Arsalan (Farhan Saeed) takes on the mission to eliminate corruption. Hiba believes that it’s not necessary to play the leading role, “It is the story that will matter more than individual roles.”

 She termed her working experience in Jhok Sarkar as “amazing”. Elaborating on the same she added, “Playing Sassi had many tasks that were difficult like shooting in immense heat in the desert where we did a lot of action. It was very interesting and I loved it.”

The first look of Jhok Sarkar is super exciting. We hope that Hiba Bukhari will have something substantial to do in the play besides looking pretty. She is too good an actress to be wasted. Also, her first-time pairing with Farhan Saeed is something to look out for.

Quote Source: Dawn Images

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