“I Was In The Phase Of Reinventing Myself” Imran Aslam Opens Up About His Comeback and Taking On Diverse Roles!

Actors of the Pakistan entertainment fraternity usually work round the clock but just like us, even they deserve to take a break. But ‘out of sight’, staying away from the limelight, may get difficult for them to bounce back. This isn’t the case with actor Imran Aslam who made a great comeback after staying away from the limelight. “I was away for a couple of years. I was in the phase of reinventing myself”, Aslam told Fashion Times Magazine.

Imran Aslam’s comeback projects saw him in a different light altogether. His act as the toxic Saqlain in Mann Aangan was specifically lauded by viewers and critics. “I was the first actor to be cast in Mann Aangan. At that point in time the drama was in its writing phase. Even the makers had no clue of who would be directing the show. They approached me, narrated the story and took me on board.”



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Elaborating on the above, the Mera Naseeb actor said, “Saqlain was inspired by real-life characters, it is hard to believe but such people do exist in the society. Even my director quoted me an example that he knew a toxic person who did all the wrongdoings and managed to get away with it.”

Aslam as Talal was a brief but impactful part of Habs. The actor had initially turned down the offer but later changed his mind. ‘I liked the overall script of Habs as it had various shades of women empowerment and showed them in a different light. I wasn’t convinced with my part so I just let it go. But then the makers asked me to read the full bound script and reconsider the overall impact of Talal on Bano Sadiq’s (Dania Enwer) character. So yeah, it made sense and worked in my favour.”

As of now, the industry is witnessing a different side of Imran Aslam. Resultantly the actor is ready to experiment and features in another diverse project Bandish 2. “My character in the horror franchise is not as simple and straight as it seems to be. Due to his medical condition, it possesses shades of grey that will be unveiled as the story unfolds.”

Concluding the conversation, Imran Aslam gave us an update about his future endeavors, “I have recently completed a drama serial with Nauman Ejaz’s home production that will air on a new channel. I am currently reading a couple of new scripts with Big Bang Entertainment and Six Sigma Plus.”

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