Sloppy Editing, Infinite Flashbacks and Tweaked Narrative Makes ‘Tere Bin’ A Pointless Adventure!

We are living in a world wherein the advent of OTT has changed the dynamics of entertainment. Viewers are mature and much informed. Formula-driven content doesn’t work anymore. So how come is it possible that channels, writers, producers and directors are living under a rock? 7th Sky Entertainment’s ongoing endeavor Tere Bin has been a supreme victim of ignorance. The makers seem to have underestimated the viewer’s intelligence and taken them for granted.Last week, the marital rape angle in episode 46 created havoc on social media. Abdullah Kadwani even released a statement of ‘not jumping to conclusions’.

After watching the confusing Ep.47 all we can say is Tere Bin falls badly and bites the dust.

Ep. 47 A Supreme Disaster

First things first, when will the production house stop torturing viewers with unnecessary flashbacks? There were hardly any proceedings except the fact that whatever happened between Meerab and Mutasim was consensual. Then what was the violent reaction all about? Why regret? Meerab’s character is one of the weakest written characters of recent times. She has no self-control, lacks decision making and out of nowhere leaves the house. On the other hand, Murtasim is busy hurting and blaming himself and unable to restrain himself when his lawfully married wife sanctioned their interactions.

Fans Outburst  

Tere Bin fans and viewers in general, blamed the writer left, right and center and came up with different theories highlighting the absurd last-minute changes.

Some users pointed out how the voiceovers behind the visuals did not sound like Wahaj or Yumna either.


Twitterati called out makers for thinking of the audience as “fools


Another user wrote, “Her traumatized expressions and her walk is screaming she was sexually assaulted. Girls, if you want to praise Murtasim, go ahead because that is what they have shown but don’t make a fool of yourself by saying that there was no marital rape written in the script.”


“She was definitely raped”, shared another user


Make Better Stories Next Time

“If you remove the background voices and then look at Meerab, her face, and her body language doesn’t show guilt but devastation. Yumna Zaidi portrays it with such perfection that even these voice-overs couldn’t cover it up.”


From here onwards will Tere Bin manage to bring back its lost glory? Comment below

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