Hareem Farooq Wins Over Viewers With Her Brilliant Performance In 22 Qadam!

Some actors make it big with just their talent and hard work, and truly deserve to be recognized for that. One such actor who has truly left a mark on viewers is Hareem Farooq. With her craft she has changed the way method actors display their acting potential on screen.

Her recent outing 22 Qadam features her as Farheen Akhtar (Fari) an aspiring cricketer who aims to conquer the cricketing world. Her motto is simple and sincere, i.e. to win the world cup for Pakistan. Her mother isn’t supportive of her passion, however her disabled father and sister support her fully to achieve her goals. She bunks college and plays cricket with street boys.

She is in awe of her idol Sana Mir and meets her in college. Her dreams begin to materialize as she begins practicing with another passionate cricketer Junaid (Wahaj Ali). The latter faces health issues but still doesn’t loses hope. Writer Zeeshan Ilyas is interested in exploring the ambitions that reside within the hearts of ordinary people. Mixing this exciting brew to full strength is director Anjum Shahazad.

Hareemis the shero of the enterprise and delivers a refreshingly natural and effortless performance. She gives her hundred percent and gets into the skin of Fari. In several scenes, her eyes do the talking and it’s seen to be believed.

22 Qadam is a drama of many pleasures, chief among them is the thrill of being constantly surprised. For the better part of it, you’ll be glued to the screen, reluctant to so much as peek at your phone for fear of missing a crucial moment. There’s more to it than meets the eye. The success of 22 Qadam proves that Hareem Farooq is one of the finest actors we have today.

Watch 22 Qadam every Sunday at 8:00 PM on Green Entertainment

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