Fashion Times (Review): ‘Mein’ Works Due To Its Plot, Execution And Fine Performances!

Ever since the teasers of ‘Mein’ surfaced online, viewers were eager to watch it due to its stellar cast, unique storyline, and great production. ‘Mein’ is directed by Badar Mehmood, written by Zajabeel Assim Shah and bankrolled by Big Bang Entertainment. So did ‘Mein’ managed to entertain? Or failed to entice? Let’s analyze.

‘Mein’ The Story So Far

The plot of ‘Mein’ opens with Mubashira (Ayeza Khan), a rich selfish woman who goes out to any extent to satisfy her ego. Her motto in life is to be the best and degrade others. She treats her husband Mohib (Agha Mustafa) like a prop. All she does is spends lavishly the mammoth wealth of her father Jafar (Usman Peerzada).Ahead of their second wedding anniversary Mohib tells Mubashira that he will be gifting something special to her.

There’s a parallel track where Zaid (Wahaj Ali) is a well-off guy living a luxurious life, thanks to his ultra-rich father Asif (Shazad Nawaz). Zaid likes Ayra (Azeekah Daniel) a middle-class girl who lives with his brother characterized by Aijaz Aslam. Mohib divorces Mubashira on the eve of their wedding anniversary. The latter breathes fire and cannot tolerate this insult. She reaches her in-law’s house and tells her the entire scenario. As the story progresses, Mohib secretly marries Mubashira’s best friend.

What’s Refreshing About ‘Mein’

‘Mein’ begins well. No time is wasted, we are introduced to the lead characters right away. The biggest strength of Zanjabeel Asim Shah’s story is that it’s very relatable. The writer keeps the pace intriguing with ample twists and turns. Badar Mehmood’s direction is simple yet super effective. He keeps the narrative uncomplicated and crisp. For instance, the entire wedding anniversary sequence is super impactful. Another scene where viewers get to know about Mohib’s second marriage is super shocking. The way he establishes the setting and mode is commendable.

 Standout Performances In ‘Mein’

Ayeza Khan puts up a confident and convincing performance. The best part about her act is that she understands Mubashira well, making viewers forget of her earlier performances. You forget Ayeza when you see her howling. Wahaj Ali is okay, his character so far isn’t fleshed out. Agha Mustafa does justice to his part as the puppet husband. Azeekah Daniel delivers a natural and effortless performance.

 Verdict So Far

‘Mein’ starts with a bang. Two episodes down the drama offers ample twist and turns at regular intervals. It would be interesting to see how Mubashira will cope with the biggest shock of her life.

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