(Exclusive):Aliya Ali On The Success ‘Mann Aangan’ & Creating A Role Of A Lifetime!

It is the first time in her career that the audiences, critics and naysayers sat up and took notice of her performance like never before. She may have won good reviews in dramas like Neeli Zinda Hai, Bandhan, Pyar Deewangi Haiand Taqdeerbut what Mann Aangan did for Aliya Ali is beyond expectations. Basking in the glory of Mann Aangan, the ever-candid Aliya in a chat with Fashion Times talks about being emotionally vulnerable, her choices and opinions on life.

A quick recap: Mann Aangan featured Aliya as (Areeba) a devoted woman who goes all out to support his hypocritical husband Saqlain (Imran Aslam). In the fear of saving her married life Areeba blindly did all the wrongdoings that her husband convinced her to do. In the process, her mother was murdered by Saqlain, she dealt with infidelity, her relationships with her siblings got deteriorated. Mann Aangan ended on a happy note as Saqlain was imprisoned and Areeba gave birth to a son. The clip above shows the acting prowess of Aliya Ali.



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Speaking about the process of building up her stellar act in Mann Aagan, Aliya said,“Areeba was a strong character from the very beginning. At times, we tolerate injustice on ourselves but whenit crosses the line and targets our loved one, it is simply not acceptable.She wasn’t a doormat, she had endurance that made her victorious in the end.”

She continued, “Initially I was given the full bound script of Mann Aagan, I got intrigued after reading it. I told the makers that I want to know the end, otherwise, I am not coming on board. (Chuckles).As Areeba, I could sense her pain, and plight and relate with her big time. I got very consumed, at one pint point I felt that all such things have happened with me. I didn’t use glycerin, my tears were natural. I wonder how would the girls feel who go through this trauma in real life. “



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She further shared her process of selecting her projects,“As an actor, I believe in working hard and giving my best. I have the right to say no if a script doesn’t convince me. I am very choosy in picking my roles. I don’t work for money, I have to justify my work, I work for my satisfaction and my audience. I believe if another actor is best suitable for a particular part, it should go to her.”

Here’s hoping for some more fiery performances from Aliya Ali.

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