Then Vs Now Naimal Khawar’s New Avatar Triggers A Troll Tornado!

The term ‘what is seen, is sold’ puts a lot of pressure on celebrities to keep a check not just on their performances and acting but also their appearances. The pressure of looking a certain way has succumbed a number of celebrities. NaimalKhawarAbbasi is the recent one to get accused of her visible face uplifting.It all started when the teasers of a fashion brand surfaced on social media. Netizens and fans were shocked as the Ana actor looked completely different by undergoing facial surgeries including rhinoplasty and lip fillers.

The Troll Tornado

“Naimal before and after is insane! I couldn’t recognise her,” wrote one Twitter user, sharing images of the alleged before and after.


Why Naimal Why?




Next Level Haseen…Not any more


Family Intervenes

In the midst of this controversy, Naimal’s sister-in-law Dr. FazeelaAbbasi who is a celebrity dermatologist and skin specialist defended the star during this issue.



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A post shared by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi (@drfazeelaabbasi)

“Dr. Fazeela Abbasi & DFA clinic is officially releasing the disclaimer for not performing any aesthetic or surgical procedure to address the recently arisen controversy regarding a particular surgery/procedure. This absurd criticism & speculation is unwarranted & totally uncalled for,” she shared on her official Instagram account.

Industry Support

The industry came forward in to support Naimal as well. “You’re as beautiful as your heart. Keep shining,” wrote Maya Ali. Ghana Ali stated, “To be honest, she looks the same. There’s nothing different about her. More power to you, beautiful!” Veteran actor Saba Faisal also commented on the matter, stating that beauty seems to be in Naimal’s genes.

Zunaira Inam penned a note that said “It’s possible to talk about the beauty industry and its standards without singling out and absolutely tearing apart individuals. I’m constantly shocked at the thoughts people allow themselves to type out publicly under others’ posts. Please be kinder to people. The recent discourse all over social media has been nothing but brutal, mass bullying. You don’t know what people are going through.”

What do you think of Naimal’s New Look?

It’s critical to keep in mind that people have the freedom to make decisions about their own bodies and looks. Naimal continues to give fans insights into her life. What is important to handle such talks with respect and empathy in order to create a climate where everyone feels respected and appreciated.

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