Maria B Reveals The Untold Stories Behind Her Struggle & Success!

Ace Fashion designer Maria Butt aka Maria B garners more attention for her thoughts than her designs. In an open discussion on her own podcast, she recounted some secret tales of her struggle and success. The road to success wasn’t an easy one for her despite having a successful career spanning for more than two decades. The designer faced several challenges following her divorce, that includes being a single mother who worked relentlessly to make ends meet. She dealt with the “fashion mafia” who were plotting negative schemes against her at the lowest moment in her career.

In the most recent edition of Maria B’s podcast ‘Dialogue with Maria B’, she alongwith her companion Afia discussed their struggles to success. “A few years ago, someone asked me to reflect on my life and share a defining moment. For me, that defining moment – one of the lowest times in my life – was when I was newly divorced, my daughter Fatima was 3 years old, my business was at an all-time low, I could barely pay my employees and I lived in a rented house,” she shared.

Butt is thankful for whatever life has given her, in the video, “I lived in a rented space for about 20 years. And I always wanted a house of my own. All of my friends know how much I would work for it, but one thing or the other would take it away from me.”

She was offered a helping hand by her parents but she wanted to raise her daughter on her own, “I had this feminist energy that I’ll do everything on my own. I told myself that I’ll work and raise my daughter independently. But what I didntrealise was that time from before divorce to after it goes very slow, and it is a really long process. You’re alone and you’re physically and mentally disturbed.” she said.

She recalled and exposed the so called fashion mafia that targeted and labeled her as an awami designer.”The whole ‘fashion mafia’ was against me. They believed that I would never get successful. There was a lot of pressure. And on top of that, there were rumours in Lahore that Maria got divorced and she got billions in alimony. I would just listen to them and think about it in my rented house,” she recalled.

Watch the complete episode here:

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