TEXPO 2023: Adnan Pardesy, Rizwan Beyg & Huma Adnan Dominate The Runway on Day 1

The 4th International Textile Exhibition (TEXPO) organized a two-day exclusive fashion showcase for the media and foreign buyers. The event featured a treasure trove of designs, putting the spotlight on ready-to-wear, resort wear, and luxury pret items. The collections showcased at the event were exclusively curated with a focus on sustainable fashion, keeping in line with the theme of this year’s TEXPO, ‘Weaving the Way to Sustainability’.

The first day of the event offered collections by designers and design houses Rizwan Beyg, Adnan Pardesy, J., Huma Adnan, Sana Safinaz and Salt By Ideas.

RizwanBeyg… Truly Ethereal
The first day of the TEXPO 2023 fashion show was opened by Rizwan Beyg. The designs did not have the quintessential Beyg element. Instead, the designers ditched the colors and embellishments and opted for ivory. He had his focus on silhouettes, and fabric tweaking paired with minimal accessories. The collection was an extensive one and shifted from skirts, summer wear to breezy men’s shirts. The rich fabric was complimented by a glorious range of leather accessories and heavy silver jewelry. What made the collection a clear-cut winner were the well-finished lines and the minimalistic factor.


Adnan Pardesy…Dashing Denim

Adnan Pardesy returned to the runway after a long hiatus. ‘Roshnai’ depicted denim in a dashing style. This isn’t a first for Pardesy, way back in 2011, he won hearts with his unique portrayal of denim black. The designer employed the free use of denim with kurtas, shirts, and multi-layered skirts paired with silver accents that created a larger-than-life drama. The collection was a testimony to his aesthetics of how to wear a classic fabric in so many different ways. A standout piece from the collection was a metal corset painstakingly created by the designer himself. We would love to see him more often on the runway.


J. Missing The Oomph

It felt as if J. picked up clothes from their store and put it on display. The collection was a blend of eastern-western wear and featured menswear in solids and prints. It wasn’t exciting, the tailoring lacked finesse and clearly missed the oomph. What caught our attention were the outfits worn by models Rizwan Ali Jaffer and Sachal Afzal. On the whole J. the collection was forgettable.


Tribal Tops… Huma Adnan

Huma Adnan’s ‘Tolerance’ was a display of beauty born of cross-cultural expression. It was a carefully curated ode to tribal areas. The designer is well-versed of beautifully blending traditional embroidery on silhouettes. We spotted elegant jackets and shirts supported by classy chunk jewelry. Standing firm on her belief in cause-based fashion, Adnan’s designs were representative of cultures adopted sustainably.


Timeless Elegance….Sana Safinaz

‘Raya’ by Sana Safinaz showcased a collection of original designs that redefined monochrome couture with silhouettes. It combined timelessly elegant forms covered in layers of ethereal embroidered textures and glimmer. The designer played to their strength with classic saris, skirts and capes. Well-known for their eye for detailing the unique color mix, floral applique and cutwork dominated the ramp.


Trying Too Hard…Salt by Ideas

The ‘Sleek-Spectra’ collection Salt by Ideas was inspired by the appeal of angular, boxy shapes and the expressive potential of neon hues. The collection was immersed in huge pop of colors on mostly a black base and didn’t offer much we’d hoped for. A lot of things were on display like the high-collared blouse, floral necklines, scallops, wide belts and much more. It somehow didn’t gave the desired impact. Also, one of the main aspects of fashion that the brand needs to understand is the correct fit and finishing. Not Impressive

Stay tuned for TEXPO 2023, Day 1 – Part II review.




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