Pakistan’s 2023 Official Oscar Submission “In Flames” Is Set To Release in Lahore

Lahore, November 2023: Renowned Filmmaker Zarrar Kahn’s debut feature, In Flames” proudly emerges as Pakistan’s entrant in the prestigious race for the coveted international feature Oscar and is set to release in Lahore at the Universal Cinemas on the 14th of November in Emporium Mall and in Cue Cinemas on the 17th of November, 2023. The film comes to Lahore after successfully clearing the Punjab censor board and after a successful run in Karachi, where it opened to rave reviews and is still playing exclusively in Atrium Cinemas.

Anam Abbas, the film’s producer, whose earlier films include Dagh Dagh Ujala (This Stained Dawn) and Showgirls of Pakistan, believes that ‘In Flames’ advocates for a compelling, revolutionary narrative in the Pakistan film industry, using genre to explore cinematic language in a refreshing and poetic way. This is a truly trailblazing film, carving out a new space in Pakistan.

Directed and written by the talented and much awarded Pakistani filmmaker, Zarrar Kahn, ‘In Flames’ aims to explore the consequences of living in the confines of a fiercely patriarchal society. It seeks to illuminate the psychological impact of oppression and the complexities of young love in Pakistan. ‘In Flames’ allows you to witness the difficult choices that must be made to survive another day. It tells a captivating story centered around the struggles faced by a mother and daughter in the wake of the patriarch’s untimely demise.

The emotionally charged narrative resonates deeply with audiences, capturing their hearts with its raw authenticity. It has garnered global appreciation and recognition at prestigious international film festivals such as the 76th Cannes Film Festival, the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival and the upcoming Red Sea Film Festival. The film is a breath of fresh air, opening up new horizons for filmmakers in Pakistan.


Writer/Director: Zarrar Kahn.

– Ramesha Nawal & Bakhtawar Mazhar
– Mohammad Ali Hashmi
– Adnan Shah Tipu
– Omar Javaid

Producer: Anam Abbas

Executive Producer: Shant Joshi

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