Here’s Why ‘Money Back Guarantee’ Continues To Mint Money At The Box Office!

Debutant director Faisal Qureshi’s Money Back Guarantee has emerged as a clean hit. The film released on Eid-ul-Fitr mostly garnered mixed reviews and collected a whopping 24.16 crores in less than two weeks. Continuing its winning streak on the ticket counter, Money Back Guarantee proves to be unstoppable at the box office.

The film which was primarily based on political satire mixed with the comedy genre also met polarized reviews from the audience. Those who understood the jokes were praising it and those who couldn’t termed it as an average fare. Not just that, there was also a section of people who watched the film thrice to understand its multi-layered narrative. We at Fashion Times Magazine have listed down a couple of reason why Money Back Guarantee is worth watching.

Sincere Directorial Debut

Faisal Qureshi’s objective from the word go is to provide entertainment. Get amused, have ample laughs and exit the auditorium grinning from ear to ear, that’s his mantra. He comes up with a film full of joviality, frolic and merriment. While the screenplay is watertight in the first hour, the writer (Faisal Qureshi) could’ve added more zany stuff in the second half. Yet, there’s no denying that the motive is to make you laugh and this movie makes you break into guffaws on several occasions.

Stellar Performances

Fawad Khan continues his great form. Humor is all about delivering on screen and Fawad delivers and how! He fits the character like a glove and delivers a scintillating act, illuminating every scene that he appears in. Gohar Rasheed has emerged a lot better in his comic timing and gets your funny bone tickling with his worthy act.

Mikaal Zulfiqar continues to be in the middle of an exciting phase. Proving his credentials in several comic acts, the actor displays his comic timing yet again. The precision with which he executes his part is commendable. Rambo is almost a veteran as far as comic entertainers are concerned. If truth be told, it is fairly tricky to make people cackle with gusto and Rambo makes an earnest effort to come up with an endearing act. Mani portrays a wacky character with panache.

Amongst the females, Hina Dilpazeer has the meatiest role and gives a decent account of herself. Ayesha Omar’s act is more of an eye candy. Kiran Malik gets better with each film. Each one is befitting in her own space.

Special Mention

The music [Tyler Westen] has been created keeping in mind the theme of the movie. ‘Kamina Ho’ is already popular and so is ‘Dil Pe Hukumat’. The cinematography is conventionally appealing. Also, we’d like to make a special mention of the dialogue, which are witty, funny and amusing.

Final Word

Money Back Guarantee will make you giggle, whistle and make the most out of the on-screen happenings. If your idea of watching a comedy is to have a great time at the cinema, then Money Back Guarantee is surely your cup of tea.

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