Exclusive: Fashion Times Gets Candid With Human Chiropractor Zakaria Kevin Leidgen

Zakaria Kevin Leidgen aka Zeki is a certified international animal physical therapist & human chiropractor hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Since his childhood, Zeki was attracted to the human body and its functions. He made his motto to help humans in curing their pain and making them lead a comfortable life. He also pursues his first love of helping animals through chiropractic care.

In an exclusive conversation with Fashion Times Zeki spoke candidly about his personal and professional life experiences.



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Fashion Times (FT): What fascinates you about wild cats?

 Zeki: They are just amazing and majestic animals. Simply looking at them and observing the pride in their eyes is phenomenal. They are beautiful animals with good hearts and positive attitudes.

(FT): Tell us something about your childhood. Were you an introvert or an extrovert?

Zeki: My childhood was not as beautiful like others. I am the younger one in the family. I have an elder brother, I remember taking more care of him. His personality was like giving him a mathematical question and he will shut the door and solve it. On the contrary, I was out, earning money and networking with people, etc. I was the breadwinner of the family and thought more about making the most out of life.

Having said that, I feel, I missed the phase of life where I wanted to look after myself. There were times when I wanted to spend time with myself. At times, I do get sad when I recall my childhood. So yeah, I have shades of both extrovert and introvert.




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(FT): As a therapist, you heal your patients, how does it feel? 

Zeki: It is the best feeling I can get. I get jubilant and confident when people send me messages like, ‘Thank you Zeki, you changed our life’. I am a gifted person who heals others. I consider this as a tool to cure humans and animals.



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(FT): You visited Pakistan for the first time. How was your experience? 

 Zeki: Initially, I was nervous about visiting Pakistan, no one in my contacts hails from Pakistan. However, I had to visit due to my job, and it turned out to be for the best. I met some wonderful people and truly feel like a Pakistani now.

(FT): What is the biggest takeaway from your collaboration with Simba’s kingdom?

 Zeki: Honestly, it is not a collaboration, it is my family now. I will always lend a helping hand and support them forever.



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(FT): What’s next on your bucket list?

Zeki: I am focusing to have a close understanding of the big cats as much as I can. I want to visit different countries across the globe to have unforgettable learning experiences with these animals. I hope, one day, I will own a tiger or a lion. (smiles).

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