‘Guru’ (Review): Ali Rehman Is On Top Of His Game!

The face of the entertainment industry is slowly but gradually changing. Actors are ready to take risks, experiment with roles and challenge their skills. With their talent and hard work, they truly deserve to be recognized for that. One actor who has truly left a mark on viewers is none other than Ali Rehman. His characters are very different and he pulls them off with ease. We eagerly wait to witness his magic, each time his project is set to air. Rehman’s recent outing ‘Guru’ is off to a great start and is unanimously praised by viewers and critics alike. He gets out of his comfort zone and takes on the challenge to play an intersex character.


What Guru Is About 


The Premise: Guru (Ali Rehman) an intersex leads a dance troop with Bijli(Omi Butt), Surya(Ahmer Hussain) and Kahshish (Hasan Kamal). They dance at various functions to earn bread and butter. One day while returning home, Guru finds an infant child at the landfill. He brings him home and decides to raise him. Guru’s team isn’t much happy about his decision as they fear facing the kidnapping allegations.


In a parallel track, we get introduced to Faakhra (Zhalay Sarhadi) whose husband wants her to give birth to a son. She has two daughters already, and she gives birth to twin daughters again. Fearing her husband, she gives one of the daughter to the nurse to give it to someone who needs a child. The nurse fails to find a suitable couple and keeps it near the landfill. The child at Guru’s place is Fakhra’s daughter.


Ali Rehman As Guru Is A Revelation


The towering performance in Guru undoubtedly comes from Ali Rehman. To depict a complex character like Guru is not everyone’s cup of tea and we doubt if any actor could’ve portrayed the part as brilliantly. He has dared to illustrate a character that many mainstream actors would think twice before implementing. Very infrequently does one see an actor get so deeply absorbed in a role the way he does. Ali stuns in every single frame. His facial expressions and body language are the hallmark of the enterprise. He carries off his role splendidly; delivers a smooth, nuanced and believable performance. ‘Guru’ showcases the immense talent of Ali Rehman and the actor makes a meal of the part.

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