Song Review ‘ Do Pal ‘: Ali Mirza Makes His Singing Debut and We Are Impressed!

Do Pal

Singer Ali Mirza recently dropped his debut single ‘Do Pal’ along with a music video featuring actress Kerry Mannix. Ali took to social media to announce the release of the video on YouTube, writing, “It’s time to share my journey with all of you. It’s time to share “Do Pal”. This isn’t just a song or an emotion, this is my journey, which started 10 years ago. It has experiences, ups and downs, love, friendship, anger, happiness, and most importantly growth.”


Listen to the song here


The essence of ‘Do Pal’ is about love and pining. The title of the song itself explores the inner vulnerabilities and emotions of such situations. It tugs the heartstrings of those who have been through it. The music is soulful and beats are catchy; the lyrics especially keep you hooked. It has a simple yet unique connection, that has a massive uptake by listeners. The track has been penned and composed by Asad Chohan and Mirza himself. It’s a breath of fresh air for avid music lovers who always seek a new song to hook onto. It is pleasant to hear and does grow on you when you hear it multiple times.



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However, thoughts you, Ali’s foray into music hasn’t come in a single day. It’s been a decade since he has been working off-camera with the bigwigs of the music industry. The world came to a shutdown with COVID-19, like all the industries there wasn’t much happening in the music scenario as well. This made Mirza leave Pakistan; he embarked on a journey of self-discovery; this is when ‘Do Pal’ happened.

The song that is giving us all kinds of chills is actually good and has been received very well. We say with proof as Mirza’s debut outing crossed 100k views in just three days.


He took to Instagram to thank everyone and penned a heartfelt note. He wrote, “Who am I, Fawad Alam? On a serious note, this is unreal for me, it’s like a dream. Getting 100k on debut and that too in just 3 days, is HUGE. All the musicians-singers can relate to the feeling before releasing the first song and the pressure you have specially when you’re already part of the industry for a long period.”


He further added: “When you don’t have a record label, when there’s no music channel, when you have zero subscribers to start with on YouTube when there’s so much negativity going around, when people think that you can’t, that’s where you stand up and take command of everything fearlessly by doing the hard work and having faith in God.”




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He concluded, “Note to the people who think they are A.R Rehman and who cannot appreciate the effort. I may not be technically perfect but like I said this is just a START. I am learning, I will get better, I won’t stop here and I will let my work speak. Keep the views coming let’s take it to the next level.”  

 Song Credits:


Produced by: Erphaan Aly (Play Pause Studio)

Arranged & Mixed by: Aamir Aly – Erphaan Aly

Written & Composed by: Ali Mirza – Asad Chohan

Bass Played by: Aamir Aly

Keys & Strings: Shahbaz Ali Nibbo

Mastered: by Tom Waltz, Massachusetts (USA)


Video Credits:

Directed by: Wajid Qureshi (Wajistan Films)

Assistant Director & Production Manager: Asim Farooki


DOP: Ketak Dhiman

FP: Young Wolf

Lights: Jason F. Vasques

Make up: Sydnee Lior

Talent: Basit Qureshi

Post Production: Usman Aly (PlayPause Production)

Color Grading: Humza Yousaf (FilmBug Productions)

Bts: Himanshu Darji

Poster: Momina Khan

Executive Prod.: AM Productions

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