Areej Choudhry Urges Young Girls To Represent Pakistan At Global Beauty Pageants!

Beauty pageants are popular events in Pakistan, showcasing the talent, beauty, and grace of Pakistani women. The most prestigious beauty pageant in Pakistan is ‘Miss Pakistan World’ a platform that aims to promote Pakistani women and their achievements on an international stage. The pageant attracts participants from various cities and regions of Pakistan, providing them with an opportunity to represent their country in international beauty competitions.

Contestants are judged on various criteria, including beauty, intelligence, talent, and social awareness. The winner of Miss Pakistan World goes on to represent Pakistan in Miss Earth, Miss Grand International, or other international pageants, depending on the year and affiliations.

Recently beauty pageant winners Dr. Kapotaqkhy Chanchala and Areej Choudhry urged Pakistan’s brilliant young ladies to participate in such competitions and boost their nation’s positive perception abroad. The two beauty queens described the application process, selection process, and rules and restrictions for participating in these events during a news conference at the Karachi News Club.

During the interactive session, Areej Choudhry, the winner of Miss Pakistan World 2020-21 said, It was not about flaunting the dresses were not required. It was about representing the country worldwide.”


She also showered praises on Dr. Chanchala for her resolutely pursuing the contest and winning the beauty crown, despite being a psychiatrist. “So, any girl, whether she is a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, nurse, anchor, etc and even married or a trans woman can participate in it,” Choudhry pointed out.

Areej further stated that necessary training would be given to girls who wish to participate in a pageant. “However, girls having good English speaking skills are preferred, as it is crucial for the participants to be able to communicate and interact with people abroad.”


Choudhry also highlighted the importance of how pageants were not just about physical beauty, but also presentation, confidence, the way one walks, and brains also. “Pageant walk is not a catwalk,” she added.

Summing it up

It is high time for the young girls to celebrate the beauty and culture of specific cities or regions within the country. These pageants help in discovering and nurturing new talents and providing platforms for young women to showcase their skills.

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