He Was An Imagineer, A Creative Genius”: Remembering The Icon Shoaib Hashmi

Veteran actor and playwright Shoaib Hashmi passed away on Monday afternoon after a prolonged illness. He was suffering from a brain hemorrhage. He was 84. Shoaib Hashmi wore many hats of a prominent intellectual, educator, and playwright. He is remembered for his productions Akkar Bakkar, Sach Gup, Taal Matol and Balila for TV before the […]

15 Questions with Anoushey Abbasi

Actor Anoushay Abbasi is unpretentious from the word go. The effortless beauty focuses on her work and improve herself rather than focusing on the rat race in the industry. We all have an inner diva that emerges with age and experience and it’s time for the world to seethe real Anoushay Abbasi. The actor takes […]

Exclusive: Fashion Times Gets Candid With Human Chiropractor Zakaria Kevin Leidgen

Zakaria Kevin Leidgen aka Zeki is a certified international animal physical therapist & human chiropractor hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Since his childhood, Zeki was attracted to the human body and its functions. He made his motto to help humans in curing their pain and making them lead a comfortable life. He also pursues his […]