Friendships, Egos, Gossip And Drama Under One Roof, ‘Tamasha’ Returns With Season 2!

After the super success of Tamasha Season 1, the reality showgets bigger and betterwith Tamasha Season 2.

“Get ready for the ultimate reality showdown as The Biggest Reality Show of Pakistan #Tamasha returns for another incredible season” posted Adnan Siddique on Instagram alongside a teaser of the popular series.



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According to reports, Tamasha season 2 will feature 14 contestants that include, actors Faizan Sheikh, Omer Shehzad, Natasha Ali, Amber Wajid, Junaid Niazi, Arooba Mirza, Ali Sikander, comedian Kashif Khan and PR coordinator Rana Asif.

The run time of the show has also been increased by ten more days i.e. the contestants will be locked up for 52 days as compared to Season 1 which ended up in 42 days.

One of the major attractions of the show is the host Adnan Siddique. He has a huge fan following, and a large number of viewership is generated when people tune in to watch the actor doing justice with the contestants and taking a class of those who haven’t behaved well.

For the unversed, Tamasha is inspired by the international reality show Big Brother in which a group of people are locked in a house for a couple of months with no access to the outside world. Cameras placed in the house capture every move of the contestants.

It’s time for Tamasha fans to step into the world of drama, competition, & unscripted moments. Who will rise to the top, who will crumble under pressure, and who will capture the hearts of the viewers?

Tamasha Season 2 premiers on August 5 at 9 PM only on ARY Digital.

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