Fashion Times (Review): ‘Jannat Se Aagay’ Entertains With Mind-Boggling Moments!

7th Sky Entertainment has that rare quality of producing meaningful content. Be it epic fantasy like Tere Bin, or Jhoom that highlights the importance of mental health, the production house has something for everyone. The promos of their recent outing Jannat Se Aagay looked intriguing and promised a unique blend of reality and drama.

Starring Kubra Khan, Ramsha Khan, Talha Chahour and Gohar Rasheed in leading roles, the drama serial is written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Haseeb Hassan. So did Jannat Se Aagay meet the expectations? Let’s analyze…

The Unique Plot Of Jannat Se Aagay

Jannat Ali Khan (Kubra Khan) is a popular morning show host who can go to any extent to get TRPs and ratings for her show Jannat-e-Jahan. She knows all the tricks in the book to make viewers root for her. She is well-versed in the art of manipulating.  She makes everyone in disbelief when she holds a python (snake) around her neck.

Tabassum Mughal (Ramsha Khan) is Jannat’s biggest fan. She hails from a middle-class family, studies in college, and supports her family by giving tuition. She aims to become like Jannat one day. She asks her fiancée Farooq (Talha Chahour) to arrange passes for Janant’s show. Farooq is head over heels in love with Tabassum. He can do anything to make her happy.

What’s Good

Umera Ahmed’s story has ample drama wrapped around reality. The dialogues are well written and give the required impact.  Haseeb Hassan’s directions are commendable. He brings a cinematic feel to the play. The camera angles and shots look refreshing. He extracts the best from his actors, there isn’t a single false note even for a second.

Commendable Performances In Jannat Se Aagay

Ramsha Khan is a delight to watch. She gets her act on point, her scenes where she is rooting to become Jannat are super convincing. Kubra Khan is brilliant. She’s a chameleon in the scene where she manipulates the rape victims. She is superb. Talha Chahour shines bright. His character lightens the intense mood.

Verdict So Far

Jannat Se Aagay has started with a bang. It has all the ingredients to be a clean hit. The promos of the upcoming episodes promise more fireworks. Highly recommended.

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