Zakham (Review): Aagha Ali as ‘Sikandar’ is a Revelation

7th Sky Entertainment’s ongoing blockbuster ‘Zakham’ is winning hearts all over and viewers just cannot seem to stop raving about the play. Zakham revolves around love, respect, and trust, depicting a complex web of relationships. It’s a lovely mixture of the familiar and the fresh. There’s one actor who is in complete command this time around and surprises big time. Aagha Ali as Sikandar is a revelation.

The Plotline

Zakham is the story of Areej (Seher Khan) an innocent young girl hailing from a middle-class background. She lost her mother when she was a child. Her father Arif (Waseem Abbas) and sister are supportive of her but her stepmother Seema (Sana Fakhar) is a vamp. One day Areej visits an art gallery where she crosses paths with Sikandar (Aagha Ali). Sikandar is a ruthless, arrogant rich person who treats people like props. If he likes someone, he will go to any extent to get it.

Arif is an employee in Sikandar’s office and he uses this opportunity to the fullest. He plans a fake scheme and traps Arif. On the other hand, Sikandar teams up with Seema and gets married to Areej.  The marriage turns out to be hell for Areej as she is continuously treated badly by Sikander. Things however take a turn when Sikandar is jailed. Areej files for divorce once Sikander is released.

Star Performer

Aagha Ali as the vicious Sikandar creates hysteria with his character and plays his role to the tee. As Areej’s stalker, he gradually controls and manipulates all the obstacles coming his way. Fear is not even an emotion he has touched. He goes to gruesome extent to get her, be it harassing or abusing her mentally. Sikandar is deliciously aggressive; at times his moves send shivers down our spine. Well, that’s the perfect picturization of an obsessed lover and the actor keeps us on our toes.


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Writing and Directions Work Big time

The casting is another winning point for the director (Syed Ramish Rizvi) who has brought together Aagha Ali and Seher Khan on screen. Both actors have proven him right; not only are they excellent as individual players but their connection comes across as refreshing. The writer (Rida Bilal) deserves a special mention for writing a strong narrative that sans boredom. She serves viewers with ample moments, to keep them invested.

Final word

On the whole, ‘Zakham’ makes an interesting watch for various reasons:  an intriguing story backed by adept performances, an unusual premise, and enough turns to keep your eyes glued to the screen for every millisecond truly deserves every bit of praise coming its way.


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