‘Your love Inspires Me To Create More’ Ali Xeeshan Celebrates The Success Of Shabo Shehzadi

Shabo Shehzadi

In a constantly evolving fashion market, it takes more than just creating beautiful clothes to stay relevant. And Ali Xeeshan has cracked that code, creating couture with a poetic undertone. He has found meaning in what many designers leave behind and refurbished it to ensure that it appeals to the discerning consumer around the world.

His latest collection Shabo Shehzadi exudes nostalgia and paints a picture of bygone elegance. The unstitched festive collection ’22 has floored brides-to-be. It is described as a vibe, an emotion of joy, a celebration and excitement of simpler things in life. The collection pays homage to the fabulous Shabnum jee and Madam Noor Jehan and celebrates all the legends of the Pakistani film Industry.

Shabo Shehzadi

The never seen collection took months of hard work and the magic reflects in every piece of incapsulating 12 beautiful designs. Each flower and petal is so special, well researched and strategically put together to create this spellbinding magic using the most gorgeous color palettes.

Shabo Shehzadi

Launched on October 7, Shabo Shehzadi turned out to be a massive success. A jubilant Xeeshan has only love in abundance for all his customers, “I am overwhelmed, touched and honored for the love I have received for Shabo Shehzadi.  I and my team were nervous while designing the campaign as it is our first unstitched collection. It’s amazing to see that all the designs did so well, be it Naranj, Jungli Kabotar, Fajar, Achari, or Pundina Chutney. Your love inspires me to create more, spend extra hours in research, putting colors and motifs together to create magic.”

We at Fashion Times Magazine have picked our top 3 outfits from the collection

Shimmery Glamour

Shabo Shehzadi

Unlike anything ever seen before, the rich Naranj is drenched from top to bottom with multicolored floral motifs with gold sequins and tilla work. The embroidered gharara, dhani green dupatta framed with a beautiful border looks as if the morning sun shine over river water.

Modest Lines

Shabo Shehzadi

With Shabo Shehzadi, the designer revisited modest necklines and long sleeves for a strong sophisticated touch. And Pundina Chutney is a prime example. The design showcases rich bottle green canvas with multicolor embroidery alongside tilla and sequin work.

Minimal Accessories

Shabo Shehzadi

Presented as a complete ensemble, Zaitoon features an organza base that serves as a canvas for spellbinding embellishments of gold, tilla and sequins. The piece perfectly incorporates the essence of the collection while making a statement with the intricate organza dupatta.

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