Year in Review: Top 5 Actresses Leading the Class of 2021

Take a bow, ladies. It is truly a thrilling and liberating time to be an actress in times when risks are smiled upon and when roles are pushing various envelopes. The 5 women who singled out for applause this year have played richly textured and well etched characters with an amazing range. Here, then, are the 5 terrific ladies leading the class of 2021.


Sarah Khan – Raqs-e-Bismil & Lapatta


Sarah Khan made 2021 her year with two first-rate performances. As Zohra in Raqs-e-Bismil, the actress portrayed her character’s anguish and helplessness in an effective manner. A few months later, Sarah surfaced again to win our hearts as the innocent Falak in Khizer Idrees Lapatta. The actress caught the pulse of every scene and enacted it with conviction. Our eyes gleamed with delight every time she appeared on the screen. Yes, she was that good!

Top 5 Actresses Top 5 Actresses

Yumna ZaidiDil Na Umeed Tau Nahi


Yumna moved us to tears with her sensitive portrayal as Allah Rakhi, the victim of sex trafficking. It’s was a strongly believable performance, and Zaidi shined effervescently and credibly in the demandingly odd part. Her bravura performance kept us hooked to the screen despite the slow-paced narrative of the drama.

Top 5 Actresses

Iqra Aziz Raqeeb Se


The young actress has already grabbed our attention with her diverse choice of characters. As a rebellious teenager in Kashif Nisar’s Raqeeb Se, Iqra pulled off a fine performance. The actress made us think, laugh, and even shed a tear or two. Her scenes with veteran actor Noman Ejaz made for a heartwarming watch.

Top 5 Actresses

Mahira KhanHum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay


Over the years, Mahira Khan has become a force to reckon with when it comes to playing powerful characters. It’s only an actress like her who can make a restrained character emote a gamut of emotions without saying too much. In Farooq Rind’s dire Khan’s flawless act as the deep and sensitive Mehreen facing emotional and physical abuse amazed the viewer’s big time.

Sania SaeedRaqeeb Se


As a devoted wife and a strong mother, Sania was sensational in Raqeeb Se. She did it all with miraculous consistency, elaborately crafting one of her most memorable characters. It is the kind of performance that reveals more magic with each viewing, one that embeds itself in the viewer’s memory and one that, gradually became the heart of the enterprise. In other words, the mother of all performances.

Which actress’s performance left you in awe? Hit the comment box and let us know.


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