New Musical Sensation Yashal Shahid finds a fan in superstar Adnan Siddiqui

Yashal Shahid

Recently at the grand launch of Asim Jofa’s new collection Ishq-e-Naubahar, superstar Adnan Siddiqui was hooked by the haunting melodious voice of Yashal Shahid. The new kid on the block is the voice behind Jofa’s campaign. And, off course Shahid is basking in the glory of the soulful OST of drama serial ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’.

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Adnan Siddiqui was super impressed by listening to Yashal in the live session. He took to Instagram and penned a long note, that said,”No denying the fact that our OST game is super strong so much so that sometimes the title track becomes a bigger star than the drama or the actors in it (no offence to anyone). Yashal Shahid gave me goosebumps with her hauntingly melodious voice when I heard Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.”

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He further added, “This new kid on the block deserves all the plaudits; so does the composer Azaan Sami Khan. Spotting new talent is all about hawk’s eye and the producers of the new drama have done an excellent job with Yashal. Can confidently say the future of our industry is in safe hands. For those who may not know, the young girl is an engineer with P&G and sings only as passion. My sincere advice to her is to turn this passion into her profession. We are eagerly waiting for you to switch sides, Yashal.”

Siddiqui later paid a tribute to Jofa’s title track by playing the tune on the flute, he said, “Word is out that Asim Jofa has designed yet another breathtakingly beautiful collection, Ishq-e-Naubahar. Helping him take the exquisiteness to another level is new sensation Yashal Shahid with her captivatingly sultry voice. Loved recreating it on the flute. My tribute to elegance and melody.”

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We totally agree with Adnan, Yashal Shahid has a magical voice that will surely go places.

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