Woohoo! The last episode of Parizaad will be screened in cinemas! 

If we talk about television serials, Parizaad is undoubtedly the biggest blockbuster of 2021. The craze for this Shahzad Kashmiri directorial skyrocketed with every episode garnering bumper viewership week after week, both on television as well as digital platforms.

last episode of Parizaad


Now HUM TV has decided to screen last episode of Parizaad in cinemas. Yes, you heard it right. Not many people know about this but the ones who watched the first episode of Sang e Mah in cinemas were treated with a surprise announcement. 


Dramas being screened in cinemas seem to be the new trend. According to Galaxy Lollywood, “Before the episode of ‘Sang-e-Mah’ began, OST of drama serial ‘Parizaad’ was played accompanied by an announcement that the last episode would be releasing in cinemas. 

last episode of Parizaad


This is surely great news for fans of Parizaad and cinema lovers who will get to see a gripping finale episode of the most talked-about drama. We at Fashion Times Magazine are sure that the wait will be worth the while.

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