Why Is ‘Janant Se Aagay’ An Uncomfortable Watch For Nadia Khan?

Actor and host Nadia Khan is highly offended by 7th Sky Entertainment’s recent outing ‘Jannat Se Aagay’. The drama serial explores the dark side of morning shows and unveils the gimmicks to fetch TRPs and ratings. Khan who is a panelist on the TV show ‘Kya Drama Hai’ expressed her extreme disappointment about the show.

What Irks Nadia Khan?

Khan who is also known as the pioneer of morning shows was “highly offended by Jannat Se Aagay. “I have done very positive things during my tenure and when someone takes a jibe at all your hard work, it feels really bad.”

Not many are aware that actor Wahaj Ali back then was a team member of Khan’s morning show. “Wahaj asked me whether I have watched the show or not. I was so uncomfortable watching it. I hated it.Yes, some of the things are true, everybody knows but then a lot of good work is also being done.”

She continued: “This story is not appropriate for a drama, it is suitable for a documentary. I hugely respect writer Umera Ahmed’s work otherwise I would have made a bold statement about the play.”

Is Nadia Khan’s Reaction Justified?

Would the situation be similar if  Nadia Khan wasn’t a morning show host? Would her reaction be the same? She admits that most of the situations are based on true events. Then what is the problem of showcasing it? If the makers would have depicted just the positive side of morning shows, she would be giving glowing reviews and full marks.

Interestingly the other panelist of the show Marina Khan has also been a morning show host. Surprisingly her views about ‘Jannat Se Aagay’ were very neutral, she said what she felt like and wasn’t at all offended like Khan.


Is Nadia Khan taking ‘Jannat Se Aagay’ too personally? What do you think?Comment below!

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