Yasir Hussain Warns Nausheen Shah for the Last Time over Wedding Feud!

Nausheen Shah made an appearance in the show To Be Honest which was streamed on the YouTube channel Nashpati Prime.


As expected, Shah’s humour raised many eye brows and left many fans rolling with laughter. Among many revelations, the Deewar-e-Shab actor spoke about Yasir Hussain’s Wedding controversy.


“I go to celebrity Wedding without getting an invitation, I crash Wedding and I love it.” she said


Earlier, Yasir had revealed while appearing on talk show ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ that Nausheen had attended his wedding forcefully even though she wasn’t invited.


The host Tabish then said that those celebrities are making headlines over such news to which Nausheen joked, “I think we should leave it and we should not give a lot of mileage to this. The public has already criticized them a lot.”


She concluded: “I don’t know but I feel sad, I genuinely feel sad about this and such things show your nature.”


A fuming Yasir seriously warned Nausheen at his Instagram story that next time he would come up with the proof.


“After two years of my wedding, she is still trying to cash her previous statements.” “What do you want sister,” he asked

yasir hussain


He questioned bitterly “What is this obsession with my wedding?”



What do you think which star is cashing in the limelight? Let us know in the comment below

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