Ushna Shah shares powerful message in Shan Foods New TVC

 It’s sad to witness educated women in Pakistan being made to sit at home and do household work. Not just that, the demand for doctor bahu is always on the rise. Once a man gets married to a doctor, her career, goals, and dreams go down the drain and she is forced to do  Ghar Ke Kaam Kaj.  In this context, Shan Foods has launched its new TVC campaign, ‘#OathForHer, an ode to those women that are willing to be strong, independent and support their families.


The new TVC campaign brings alive the moments which infuse acts of kindness that pave way for others. It highlights that change and happiness don’t happen verbally, practical actions are required to make a difference.

The minute & 20-second heart-warming digital film shows us the journey of a doctor bahu who, thanks to the support of her loving, supportive mother in law and family, transforms into a happy, confident, and independent woman. The story is told with such simplicity and so much sensitivity that you rejoice with the character by the end of the film.


What works in favor of the brand is, its inclusion in the story doesn’t feel forced. It is just seamlessly a part of the narrative. The doctor bahu is given the liberty to excel and grow, there is a lot of acceptance from everyone in the family. The film is full of love and the food is just a part of the narrative.


The TVC showcases the importance of women as an integral part of the household by fully supporting them to choose to have a professional life. Everyone knows that emotional marketing is difficult to do. Given this backdrop, it is interesting to see how the TVC touches us emotionally in many ways. They hold many takeaways in terms of brand connect and storytelling. It’s an emotional and beautifully written script, in terms of the idea. The storyline is fresh and relevant adding a new element to the way Shan Foods has been advertising in the past.


The new commercial hits all the right notes in terms of execution and casting. Also, the inventive hashtags to push the brand into the digital space are done effectively. Shan Foods has always been a brand that celebrates women and the power they find within themselves for a better future.

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