Ushna Shah & Hamza Amin Are Officially Married, Here’s A Sneak Peek At Their Romantic Rendezvous  

Ushna Shah

When they made their first public appearance Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin made heads turn. Shah shared snippets of her romantic journey on social media and soon she got engaged to the Austrian golfer. The duo is set to get married today February 26. The Habs actor recently appeared on a digital talk show and shared some interesting details about the timeline of her love story and her future plans.

Revealing details of her relationship with Hamza Amin, Shah said, “We met exactly one year ago in Karachi. A couple of months later we got engaged and are on our way to sign the dotted line.” 

Speaking of her work schedule, she said, “I love my job. Post marriage, I might be taking a little break from work or be extremely selective in choosing future projects. But, I won’t quit acting ever, I’ll always do something art related until I die.” 

Ushna Shah

Not many are aware that Ushna Shah is the sister of actor Isra Ghazal. Speaking about her experience of working with her in Habs she said, “Irsa teases me that my mom and she did a project together when my mom was expecting me, so, technically, it’s our second project. I was there, I just wasn’t born. That was my best performance,” she smiled.

When asked about the worst feedback about her acting skills, Ushna recalled how she got a lot of hatred for not crying “naturally” in her first TV project. “When I entered the field, I didn’t know how to act. We’re not taught that; we learn on the job. So, I didn’t know how to cry. I was the worst crier ever. So, when my first drama aired, everyone cursed me a lot and mainly because they didn’t like how I cried,” she said.

Did you know Shah is a huge fan of Farhan Saeed even before she joined the industry? “When I wasn’t even in Pakistan, I remember a friend showed me his song Sajni and that was on repeat for me for months on end. Even now, whenever I meet him, he’s a buddy now, I ask him to sing it for me,” she said. “He finally did sing it this time on my birthday,” she concluded.

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