‘UmroAyyar’ Teaser Impresses Fans, Here Are Three Things We Liked!

It’s finally out! The much-awaited teaser of ‘Umro Ayyar – A New Beginning’ has surfaced online. The film features the iconic character of Umro Ayyar from the cherished Dastan-e-Amir, a collection of Urdu stories written by Ghalib Lakhnavi in 1855.The film’s description reads, “In a realm of enchantment, where legends reside. Where good clashes with evil, heroes will rise. Where ancient lore echoes, tales come alive. Embrace the magic and let your spirits thrive.”

We at Fashion Times have listed three things we liked about the teaser. Read on

Powerful Protagonist 

Usman Mukhtar plays the title role, this is the first time the actor has taken on such a powerful avatar. Essaying a superhero is always a tough task, but he seems to have done a good job portraying the magical, intriguing and adventurous tale of ‘Umro Ayyar’.

Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi’s Characters

Seeing Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi on-screen assures you that you are in for a treat, but we still are surprised by what they have to offer. In Umro Ayyar, the actors, once again, have something new to offer. They play strong members of the protagonist team and make their presence felt in the trailer.

Background Score and Stunning VFX

We cannot move on without mentioning the powerful background score and the special effects. The setup and the minute details about the characters will leave you mesmerized and wanting for more.

Bankrolled by VR Chili Production, Umro Ayyar: A New Beginning is directed by Azfar Jafri and features Adnan Siddiqui, Manzar Sehbai, Faran Tahir, Ali Kazmi, Simi Raheal, Sana Fakhar, Daniyal Raheal, Salmaan Shaukat, Osama Karamat in important roles. The release date of the film remains undisclosed, going by the intriguing teaser the Umro Ayyar can be a game changer for cinema in Pakistan.


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