Umair Jaswal’s Powerful Vocals Makes ‘Har Funn Maula’ a True Winner

Umair Jaswal

Contemporary rock musician Umair Jaswal’s singing potential is persuasive, to say the least. The rockstar recently made an impressive comeback with a Sufi dhamaal power track ‘Har Funn Maula’ (Make me worthy, O’ Lord). The track marks the first-ever collaboration of Umair with the Sufi stalwart Sanam Marvi.


The song starts with the dhamaal which is a type of devotional music – dance practice that honors qalandars or Sufi saints and is well suited to the raw and loud vocals of Jaswal. The essence of the track is about the quest for God’s love. The use of dhol-based rhythm with western drums brings in the rock element. The main line of the song ‘Har Funn Maula’ explores the inner vulnerabilities and emotions of such situations. It tugs the heartstrings of those who seek a connection with God.

umair jaswal


The music is soulful and beats are catchy; the beautiful lyrics especially keep you hooked. The initial lyrics in the demo were given by Shuja Haider and were eventually modified for a more universal message. The high energy, high production value, and remarkable compositions by legendary Rohail Hayat and Shuja Haider made the perfect trio in bringing this profound spiritual track. ‘Har Funn Maula’ is a breath of fresh air for avid music lovers who always seek a new song to hook onto. It is pleasant to hear and does grow on you when you hear it multiple times.


Speaking about the essence of the song, Jaswal said, “Har Funn Maula is a beautiful prayer in which a man asks his God to make him better at everything he does, asks Him to make him good at everything he does. We’ve performed a song with such high energy after a very long time, and the energy of it is bound to have you moving to its groove,” said Jaswal. He added, “The song means so much to me – I feel every word I am singing in this song.”


Umair Jaswal can lend his vocals perfectly to a song and knows when to turn his powerful chords up or down in moments. Fans are in complete awe of this track and can’t wait to see what he brings to the table next!

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