Dive into the Depth of Love this Valentine’s Day with Top Rated Romantic Movies

Romantic Movies

Are you planning to cuddle up and watch some of the most heartfelt Romantic Movies and shows to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, with your soul mate, your companions, or even without help from anyone else? We at Fashion Times Magazine have the ideal picks for you. From Before Sunrise to vintage romantic tales like When Harry Met Sally, we bring you a bunch of movies for each mindset of affection. Sit back, grab some popcorns and enjoy these 10 endearing movies on Valentine’s Day 2022.

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Before Sunrise

Richard Linklater’s romantic drama was bolstered with dazzling performances by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. The dialogues mattered more than the narrative and so did the silent moments that highlighted the woes and highs of contemporary love amidst a beautiful setting.


Dear Zindagi

Romantic Movies

A wholesome Bollywood movie on the life of a young and independent girl who learns to appreciate her life. While the film could be seen as Kiara’s rise from her troubles, it is mainly about valuing the gift of life and living every day to the fullest.


 When Harry Met Sally

Romantic Movies

30 years and counting still this movie never goes out of fashion. It includes how much value friendship holds in a relationship and if you are one of me who likes to watch “high on emotions”. Celebrate your togetherness with Harry and Sally.


 What Men Want

Romantic Movies

This is every man’s dream right to tell their wife/girlfriend what MEN actually wants so why not tell her via this movie. Give her some clues through this one while you plan to watch a movie this Valentine’s Day.


Crazy Stupid Love

Romantic Movies

If you are as crazy and stupid in love, this is one of those ideal options you are looking for to watch on this Valentine’s.


Kissing Booth

Romantic Movies

The film includes a teenage romance, long-distance problems, BFF goals (with a bunch of rules), and a lot of heartening moments that make you cry and leave you in awe at the same time. Watch this movie on Valentine’s Day with your babe or your girlfriends and tell me what you have got to say about this one.


Love Hard

Romantic Movies

Love Hard is a rom-com movie that aired on Netflix in 2021 and is still on the trending list with a 4.4 rating which makes it a must-watch valentine’s movie. Directed by Hernan Jimenez, fans are drooling over the twist they added to the plot. Perfect watch with your Valentine


Marriage Story

Romantic Movies
If you’ve recently gone through a break-up, it could be a difficult time for you. This award-winning movie tells you that there’s a lot more to life. It gives you the power you’d need to get up again and feel good about yourself. If you’re feeling low, Marriage Story would help you get through the day.

My Best Friend’s wedding

This rom-com narrates Julianne Potter’s life (played by Julia Roberts) after she finds out that her best friend Michael (played by Dermot Mulroney) is getting married in a few days and his bride wants her to be a part of the wedding party. The only problem, however, is that Julianne is herself in love with Michael. The movie tackles many complexities of such relationships.


6 years

The anti-valentine’s day movie on Netflix looks at the relationship of a young couple, who have been dating since their high school days. And, as everything seems bright and gay, their romance takes a vicious turn as they move to different phases in their life and start to grow apart.

So which Romantic Movies will you be watching with your loved one? Let us know in the comment section


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