Top 5 Green Dramas You Shouldn’t Be Missing Out!

Green Entertainment has been a breath of fresh air for viewers aiming to watch qualitative and meaningful content. The newly launched channel brings a mix of unique genres like cross-border romance, suspense, horror, romcom, teenage drama and much more. With each passing week, the dramas of Green continue to garner highest TRPs and crazy views on YouTube. Fashion Times picks the top 5 Green dramas that continue to impress.

22 Qadam

The drama that empowers women to fulfill their dramas and ambitions is a rage solely because of its protagonist Hareem Farooq. She is the soul of the enterprise. She transports viewers into the world of Farheen aka Fari making us believe that she can achieve anything. It wouldn’t be wrong to predict that 22 Qadam may end up being Hareem’s best performance to date.


Mawra Hocane over the years has become a pro when it comes to play empowering characters. She teams up again with Sabaat director Shahzad Kashmiri and shines bright as Rishtina. The unique story of a girl who hasn’t seen the world until her 20 is something that is rarely witnessed on the small screen. Her child-like nuances add value and depth to her character. We wouldn’t be surprised if Hocane sweeps all the best actress awards next season.

Jeevan Nagar

Jeevan Nagar is simply magical thanks to Sohail Ahmed’s double dose of entertainment. One fails to recognize that he plays both the goon Babbar Shah and transgender Laali Guru. Director Kashif Nisar succeeds in creating a world that not just entertains but deals with various social issues. Every character in the play has its arch and respective journey. The chemistry between Munni (Rabia Butt) and Babbar Shah is also a high point of Jeevan Nagar.

 Kabli Pulao

This cross-border tale gives a new dimension to halal romance. This is Sabeena Farooq’s first project as a lead actor and she makes the most of this opportunity. She is fantastic in every frame. Be it her makeup, accent and most importantly the Afghan language, she gets it all right. Ditto for M. Ehteshamuddin who plays Haji with the right amount of poise. Director Kashif Nisar scores big with the authentic portrayal of the Afhgan and Punjabi culture. You get invested in every single frame and situation.

College Gate

The teenage genre hasn’t been explored much on TV but Faheem Burney’s College Gate depicts the beautiful phase of life with utmost conviction. It not only highlights the problems of millennial but provides solutions as well. The drama addresses important issues like how students tackle family and academic pressures, managing relationships, overcoming drugs and bullying, etc.  The mix of young and veteran actors makes College Gate a must-watch.

Which drama is your favorite? Comment below!

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