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Matti da Khidona


The video of Matti da Khidona is released today.

The video of Mati Da Khidona highlighting the social issues under the direction of Adnan Qazi has released today, which has been filmed on Bilal Saeed’s new song. Qazi seems unstoppable in astonishing the audience with his unmatchable direction in the new song. According to more details, the famous director Adnan Qazi has spread the essence of his talent once again. Following the prior traditions, in his new video, he is also seen promoting Pakistan’s tourist destinations. His new video is released today on various social and digital channels, including One Two Records’ YouTube channel. Adnan Qazi has used the latest technology while filming the new song of internationally renowned singer Bilal Saeed, which has enchanted the audience.

Matti da Khidona

The new video is a unique item for fans of Adnan Qazi and Bilal Saeed. The song is available on YouTube which has been watched by millions of people. This video has been released under the title Mitti Da Khiduna. Adnan Qazi says in this regard that modern technology has also been used in his video, so that viewers can also enjoy the technology.

He said that international style shooting is done in Pakistan’s tourist destinations to highlight the beauty of Pakistan. It was shot at Tarbela Dam, Abbottabad, and other tourist destinations. The video of the song revolves around a story of two people and highlights social issues. Matti da Khidona reflects a person whose emotions are hurt in our society. The video is filmed keeping in mind the values of human emotions and feelings. Adnan Qazi has stated that viewers will like the video, and like the previous videos of the past, it would be appreciated.

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