Here’s why Sakina Samo won’t be watching the upcoming season of ‘The Crown’

Upcoming season

The entertainment fraternity of Pakistan is celebrating Humayun Saeed’s debut in the Netflix original series ‘The Crown’. Stars like Mahira Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Adnan Siddique, Vasay Chaudhry and many others congratulated Saeed,

but veteran actress Sakina Samo shared her reservations regarding his portrayal in the series. She thinks that Fawad Khan seemed like a better fit for the role of Dr. Hasnat.



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Responding to a tweet, which confirmed Humayun to star in the Royal drama, Samo shared in a now-deleted tweet, “Does he [Humayun Saeed] even look like Dr. Hasnat?” She added, “Fawad Khan would have been a perfect cardiologist. How could you not select him [Fawad Khan]? Why, The Crown, why?”


In another tweet, Samo further said, “I just saw a picture of Dr. Hasnat. Humayun may look like him now – but they are showing 90s Dr. Hasnat.” Expressing her disappointment, the award-winning actor concluded, “I still think Fawad would have been a class act but alas.”


Lastly, the Doobara actress said she will not be watching the upcoming season of the hit show. Samo shared this under a tweep who was blocked by Saeed. “He will block me too – and I will not be watching The Crown.”

Upcoming season

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