The North Walk Mall -The Latest Premium Shopping Mall

The North Walk is the latest attraction for shopaholics of Karachi. The design is majestic, and the shops are grand. This mall will host a surplus of both international and national brands. There is already a huge range of shopping outlets within just one month of its opening. This mall is constructed in a modern style, it gives a futuristic look and feel and that will attract most of the people. Visitors can easily see what’s inside the outlets because of the huge glass walls that are installed here and this gives a very bright and fresh look.

The North Walk also hasa huge and roomy rooftop food court. This new feature helps provide an enchanting atmosphere for diners. It provides people the chance to dine under the stars. It will also act as the perfect place to go out for feastingthroughout the winters.

The mall is nicely designed and the architecture is also commendable. The parking space is huge. There is a parking lot outside the mall as well as there is underground parking too. McDonald’s is fully operational and has quite a huge seating capacity. Outfitters, Insignia, Hush Puppies and Bata are just a few names to quote from The North Walk.

Another feature of Karachi’s newest mall is their spacious underground parking lot. It is 50,000 square ft. thus providing plentyof room for thousands of customers to park their vehicles.

The mall is fully secure and there is a high-end security system installed in it which is essential for the safety and security of the visitors. Shoppers are safe from external threats.

At The North Walk currently Lucky Draw activity is happening, shoppers have a chance to win exciting prizes like mobile phones and home appliances. The way to enter the lucky draw is to purchase from any North Walt outlet, with a minimum shopping of 10K.

So, go and enjoy shopping!

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