The Dark Horse Azekah Daniel Outshines The Leads in ‘Mein’

Supporting parts often take away the spotlight from the central characters in dramas, but that’s what makes them interesting. Supporting roles help to create a dynamic story by adding depth and complexity to the main characters’ arcs. ARY Digital’s magnum opus ‘Mein’ was hyped and advertised focusing on the main lead actors.

Ayeza Khan is the queen of hearts and Wahaj’s Ali is a rage post the super success of Tere Bin. The initial promos banked heavily on their presence, however five episodes down things turned opposite of what was assumed. The dark horse Azekah Daniel while not in the lead owns ‘Mein’. Her supporting act as ‘Ayra’ completely eats up Khan and Ali’s presence.

A quick recap for the unversed: ‘Mein’ is the story of Mubashira (Ayeza Khan) an arrogant and selfish woman who is at loggerheads with everyone. In her head, she is the best and no one is superior than her. She treats her husband Mohib (Agha Mustafa) like a rarely used prop. Mohib divorces Mubashira on the eve of their wedding anniversary and the latter cannot bear this insult. Zaid (Wahaj Ali) is head over heels in love with Ayra (Azekah Daniel) an honest girl from a middle-class family. Ayra lives with her brother – Aijaz Aslam, her sister-in-law is busy finding a perfect match for her.

If there is any doubt as to Azekah Daniel’s acting ability, ‘Mein’ put it to rest. Not only is she a beautiful actress, but her performance in the drama is so impressive that she truly brings emotional depth to every scene she appears. She portrays a plethora of complex emotions, with a delicate balance of vulnerability and strength. She brings a certain depth to the enterprise that is what truly sets her apart in this enterprise.

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