Teaser (Review): ‘Gentleman’ Sets the Stage With A Thrilling Premise!

Green Entertainment’s upcoming drama, ‘Gentleman’ has sent waves of excitement among audiences, thanks to its gripping teasers that peel back the layers of the underworld mafia. Starring the talented Humayun Saeed and Yumna Zaidi in leading roles, the drama promises an eye-opening experience as it explores the dark reality of gangsters. Produced by Samina Humayun Saeed & Sana Shahnawaz, ‘Gentleman’ is directed by Haissam Hussain and written by Khalil ul Rehman. 

What The Teasers Show

The first teaser of ‘Gentleman’ comes across as a punchy gangster action thriller. The plot is set in Korangi, Karachi wherein Rehmati urf bade bhai (Adnan Siddique) is seen taking an oath from his younger brother Iqbal Munna (Humayun Saeed) to stay away from extortion, not to kill innocent and never fall in love. Munna accepts all the terms and conditions set by Rehmati and in return, he gets the ownership of Korangi 2 and 2.5. The funny banter between the two is entertaining. 

The second teaser opens with the introduction of Zarnab (Yumna Zaidi). She is an honest journalist who is true to her job. She doesn’t understand the species ghunda (goons). She confronts Munna fearlessly and goes all out to expose and eliminate the realities of the underworld. She doesn’t agree with the instructions given by her boss and makes him realize that it’s high time to support the country that has given us so much.      

An Ensemble of Stellar Talent

‘Gentleman’ boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Humayun Saeed leading the way with his powerful act as Iqbal Munnah. Accompanying him are Adnan Siddiqui, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zahid Ahmed and Sohai Ali Abro, each contributing their exceptional talents to bring the narrative to life. 

Looking Forward

As the release date of ‘Gentleman’ draws near, the teasers have created anticipation for a drama that promises to be more than just entertainment. Stay tuned for the enthralling journey that ‘Gentleman’ has in store. 

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