Tayyab Bombal’s ‘Summer Dreams’ Rocks The Ramp At The Austin Fashion Week!

A first-time showcase at a big platform is always a special moment. It was a big day for designer Tayyab Bombal as he showcased his Spring-Summer Collection 2023 ‘Summer Dreams’ at the prestigious Austin Fashion Week. Bombal doesn’t need any introduction, and neither does his graceful aesthetic. The designer’s clothes are easily distinguishable with his signature drapes that embrace the contemporary Pakistan while celebrating its roots.


Things kicked off on a high note this April 2023 at Austin Fashion Week, with Bombal serving up boundary-pushing statements. His summer collection is a fantasy world crafted with such fine artistry that each piece looks like a painting in a different silhouette, all inspired by his work. A profusion of sumptuous shades and artisanal craftsmanship techniques flooded the runway when Bombal dabbled with a beautiful amalgamation of his childhood memories of the artistic giants via brilliantly woven and crafted drapes.


Aimed to create powerful yet bold looks, three-piece suits, jackets and glided blazers hijacked the runways in a panoply of colors. The pieces depicted the designer in his element with a vibrant and modern touch that caught the eye. Bombal has a penchant for colors, the way he played with the pieces gave an edgy and cool new vibe to it. To celebrate spring-summer in all its glory, the collection was smart, at best, a dazzling combination of the edgy and the pretty.


‘Summer dreams’ is indeed a testimony of the his individuality. Tayyab Bombal has created his niche in the fashion industry with bold prints and cheerful outfits. Bombal is also a member of the prestigious Fashion Group International. With time he is reinventing himself with a more diverse approach to design and break the barriers of conventional.


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