Fashion Times Review Time: Best Pakistani Actors Who Impressed This Week  

best pakistani actor

Here’s a round-up of the actors who gave us standout performances that made us say WOW! Check on Best Pakistani Actors Read on…   Usman Mukhtar – Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay   A gifted actor, who is getting roles that do complete justice to his talent. We must say Usman has evolved tremendously as […]

Expensive Celebrity Weddings That Made Headlines!

wedding bells

Have you ever witnessed and been a part of Pakistani celebrity weddings? With functions spread over many days and surrounded by hundreds of guests, celebrity weddings cannot be complete without loads of dhol-dhamaka and show-sha. The entire decade (2010s), has been a matchless weave that witnessed some of the most heartwarming, and biggest Pakistani celebrity […]