Hindu Extremist Halt Pakistan’s ‘Sevak’: Banning Content Won’t Change The Reality


The Government of India has banned Pakistan-based OTT Platform Vidly TV after the streaming of the web series “Sevak: The Confessions”, reported NDTV. The Hindu extremist are fuming that ‘Sevak’ has disgraced the image of India and Hindus. What’s Bothering The Hindu Extremist The series is built on eight stories woven around a crime and […]

Mehreen Jabbar Wraps Up Upcoming Web Series Farar on a Thankful Note


In a career of more than two decades, Mehreen Jabbar’s work spans with several genres as she presented some of the interesting – hard-hitting subjects on celluloid, infusing them with empowerment. She proved her mettle both critically and commercially for both TV and films. In today’s world of digital, her web series ‘Aik Jhooti Love […]