Spooky Pakistani Stars Strike A Statement At Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022

Over the past several years, Halloween has grown to be more and more of a “festival” in Pakistan due to the large number of celebrities that dress up in costumes. As it is almost October 31, everyone is in the mood for Halloween. This year too, Pakistani stars were spotted in various spooky avatars celebrating […]

‘Strict Action Is Needed’, says Sabeeka Imam on being slut-shamed

Sabeeka Imam

It is a sad reality that actresses and models of the industry get slut-shamed and judged for their looks, weight, complexion, or behavior. No one gets spared by this evil eye. Celebrities are scrutinized and shamed publicly by pervert minds for two minutes of fame. Supermodel Sabeeka Imam was recently slut-shamed alongwith horrific rape and […]