Suryavanshi Movie Review

Looking at the trailer, we knew exactly what we were getting into and Rohit Shetty delivers exactly that & a little more – A Mass Masala Action Family Entertainer! The 1st half is slow at setting up the plot while the 2nd half is purely action driven. The last 30 mins is an ‘explosive’ climax. Akshay Kumar is the megastar throughout. Jackie Shroff, Kumud Mishra & Gulshan Grover play their parts really well. Katrina Kaif was a bit lacking. Kudos to Rohit Shetty for executing the climad fight and the battles he fought off-screen. The background music suited the well choreographed action. The plot was a deccent, too. However, holes in the plot, poor aerial cinematography and mistimed jokes, apart from Ranveer Singh’s comedic avatar, drag the experience. Overal, it’s an Explosive Action Entertainer with a decent social massage and a thrilling end!

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