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perfumes in Pakistan

Pakistani Artists are the most valued assets of Pakistan. Music, Sports or Acting our performers are recognized all across the globe. Among these, Pakistani Dramas enjoy a reputation like no other, like wise our actor’s make every Pakistani proud when their work garners love and inspiration beyond borders.  While Musicians and Cricket Stars have been associated with brands for quite some time, it’s for the first time our actors are bringing their charm to the world of merchandising fragrances.

An ensemble of Pakistan’s biggest icons has ventured into the realm of aromas. The super stars that have introduced their perfumes include gorgeous Hania Amir along, the multitalented Farhan Saeed, the versatile Muneeb Butt and the starlet was recently featured in Forbes, Aiman Khan.

In contrast with the recent trend of hiring Turkish actors as brand ambassadors, the makers of this perfume choose to collaborate with Pakistani Actors with a vision to honor their contributions for making every Pakistani proud with their exceptional work.


The perfumers were delighted to share that each celebrity took a personal interest in the selection of the fragrances as well as the designing of their bottles. To them, their perfume was a representation of their personality, like a scented slogan of what they are.  Therefore, they invested a lot of time to pick the most enchanting and everlasting aromas.

According to these stars, their perfumes are a key to memories; it’s an element of them captured in a bottle. Indeed, perfume is more than an extract and the excitement these superstars bring onboard testifies that this collection will not only set the perfect impression it will also give a lasting recollection.


Sharing his thoughts about this new range of perfumes, PR Guru and Partner of Kohasaa Hassan Rizvi said, “Fine fragrances should be available to every Pakistani. The aftermath of the pandemic on global trade and the soaring import taxes made it very expensive to purchase foreign brands however the other way to look at it is that it paved the way to introduce quality perfumes at affordable prices”.

perfumes in Pakistan

Rizvi further elaborated that the range, which is imported from Paris, includes two enchanting perfumes and two captivating Oudh’s.


Muneeb Butt’s Oudh fragrance is a perfect blend of fruit essences, exotic flowers, and musk, overall a symbol of grace.   Where as, Aiman’s Oudh is a tantalizing mix of floral and citrus essences with ambergris, representing the passion she embodies.


Farhan Saeed’s perfume offers a revitalizing fusion of fruit, flower and musk’s in a classy fashion whereas, Hania Amir’s scent is all about youthful energy as it encapsulates the essences of mandarin, jasmine, and amber.


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Despite being a recent player in the world of fragrances, Kohasaa is trending in minds as well as the gram.  With the biggest names in Pakistani show business backing the brand and its long-lasting forte, the range is destined to become a market leader. The exciting range is now available at

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