‘Stop Taking Over Women Space’: Maria B Ecstatic As FSC Rules Out ‘Transgender’ An Un-Islamic Concept!

Designer Maria B continues to raise awareness and voice her opinion about the difference between Khwajasira and Transgender. The designer was recently ecstatic in light of the recent ruling by the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) that individuals cannot alter their gender at their discretion, asserting that specific clauses within the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018 contradict Islamic law.

She posted a video on Instagram, with an elaborate note that read, “We lost friends, abuses were hurled at us. We were constantly attacked on social media. But it was all worth it. Today the Islamic Shariat Court ruled that Transgender is an un-Islamic concept. One cannot change his or her biological sex based on just feelings. This bill protects the rights of intersex people and defines gender dysphoria as a disorder that needs medical attention.” 

She continued, “Changing the sex Allah has given you is completely un-Islamic. Some good news for us to celebrate in Pakistan, as this will protect the family system and the Islamic way of life. Congratulations fellow warriors”

Maria B Hits Out At Transgender Activist

 Soon after the verdict, Pakistani transgender activists held a press conference to appeal to the highest court against the Sharia Court’s ruling that “guts a law aimed at protecting their rights.” Maria slammed the activist and shared a screenshot of a Twitter post that highlighted the activists’ use of abusive language during the press conference.

Maria B Stating Facts

The well-researched Maria in another story shared a news update about five French League Muslim footballers dropping out of a match after refusing to wear LGBTQ+ colours on their shirts. “This is the norm around the Muslim world. Then why not in Pakistan? Here, we have to defend our religion and prove that this movement is un-Islamic,” she wrote.

She further supported her stance by sharing a podcast discussing individuals who had undergone gender-altering surgeries and later regretted their decisions.

Summing it Up

Maria B concluded her social media activity by requesting protection and admonishing others to follow the Prophet’s example of Islam. For the unversed Maria B in 2022 urged to boycott Saim Sadiq’s Joyland that promoted transgender subliminally.

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