Spooky Pakistani Stars Strike A Statement At Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022

Over the past several years, Halloween has grown to be more and more of a “festival” in Pakistan due to the large number of celebrities that dress up in costumes. As it is almost October 31, everyone is in the mood for Halloween. This year too, Pakistani stars were spotted in various spooky avatars celebrating the festival of the dead.  They choose the looks of on-screen characters or books and arrived in their most creative costumes. From Neha Taseer to Sabeeka Imam, Fashion Times Magazine picks the best-dressed Halloween stars of Halloween 2022.

Hania Aamir

Halloween 2022

The Humsafar actress ditched the typical Halloween look and opted for a teddy bear costume instead. It was a risk, but then it’s Hania who has all the guts in the world. She looked super cute and fun while she posed for the camera. Thumbs up!

Anoushey Ashraf

Halloween 2022

This girl knows how to make heads turn. Ashraf looked sensational and how in this monochrome dress with long sleeves, a T-shirt and a pleated mini skirt. She further nailed her Wednesday Adams look to perfection by tying her hair in braided pigtails.

Neha Taseer

Halloween 2022

Neha made for a cute Harley Quinn as she posed with the perfect pigtails paired with a black sleeveless crop top, a white T-shirt, and a mandatory black skirt. Neha opted for pink and blue eyeshadow with red lips, acing the Harley Quinn look. Her husband Shahbaz Taseer effortlessly rocked the Joker look.

Sabeeka Imam

Halloween 2022

The supermodel looked bewitching in an off-shoulder bright red, polka-dotted costume. She donned dark red lips and flaunted her beautiful blow-dried tresses. If you look closer, she even had blood dripping from her mouth. She had a sexier, more glam-infused appearance that was delightful to wear for a night out.

Giti Ara

Halloween 2022

Meanwhile, Imam turned up the glam quotient, Giti Ara brought the vibe channeling her inner witch. She showed off her memorable personality in a classic black dress, a tall witch’s hat, long curly black hair, black lipstick, and some fashionable heels.

How did you celebrate Halloween? Tell us in the comments section.

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